Bathroom Design Ideas | Chicago, IL

Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas for Chicago, IL Homeowners

Redesigning a bathroom can provide homeowners with an endless array of options. There are many colors, designs, and layouts to choose from. Exploring design ideas before a renovation project is the first step to ensuring the project fits the budget and the existing space. Representatives with OHi are highly trained to assist homeowners in every step of the design process.

Bathroom Design Process

The first phase of remodeling a bathroom is to devise a design plan. During this period, homeowners should think about every feature and design they would love to incorporate in their bathroom. Then place the practical ones that fit the space and the budget into the final design plans.

Bathroom Design Considerations

Homeowners have many factors to consider as they plan a bathroom design. The square footage of the space, if it will be a high traffic area, the age of family members, fixture layout, and the budget are all important factors. If budget allows, the fixture layout may not be a big issue. A complete gut of the room will allow homeowners to place the sink, tub, and toilet wherever they desire. This design option may cost $50,000 to $100,000 depending on factors such as materials and the size of the space.

Bathroom Color Schemes

Color choices often mean the difference between liking and falling in love with your bathroom. Trending color combinations utilize striking contrasts. Bold colors stand out when used with white. Homeowners can use darker colors to create a cozy ambiance and lighter colors to make the room seem larger. Play with cool and warm tones to invoke a particular feeling. Texturized finishes can also add a distinctive surface and flair to the walls.
No matter the style, OHi can help you design your own oasis.

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