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Bathroom Vanities

Custom Bathroom Vanities for Residents in Elk Grove Village, IL and the Northwest Suburbs

The options for bathroom vanities are seemingly endless, and your bathroom remodel might leave you with more questions than answers. Our OHi team is here to help! We work with you and your budget to find exactly what you're looking for, and we carry top quality items, so you won't have to worry about getting stuck with an off-the-rack option.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are two main bathroom vanities to choose from depending on your available space, desired storage options, and style. Single vanities contain one sink, and double vanities have two sinks. Traditionally, each sink has storage space or drawers beneath it, but the sink design paired with your vanity may affect your storage options and counter space.

When choosing your bathroom vanity, it is important to consider the sink design since this is both the focal point and functional element of your vanity. We offer a variety of sink styles to achieve the ideal look for your bathroom. Common sink designs for single and double vanities are undermounted, self-rimming, or vessel.

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

When deciding between single and double bathroom vanities, consider the size and layout of your bathroom. Smaller guest bathrooms and powder rooms typically only require a single vanity, while a master bathroom or any shared bathrooms may benefit from the extra storage, multiple sinks, and larger counter space of a double vanity. Once you've determined your vanity type, we can help you choose its location and material. We can then help you pair your vanity with the perfect sink and backsplash to create a truly stunning bathroom remodel.

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