Jeff Goble - OHi
  • Jeff Goble

    Senior Project Manager

    Jeff Goble has spent over 15 years learning everything you’d want your project manager to know about construction, and serves as OHi’s most seasoned project manager. His background in mechanical engineering also serves our clients with additional insight as they undergo construction and create their dream spaces. Jeff enjoys working with our skilled tradesmen, and can never get enough of the beautiful craftsmanship and client-focused teamwork he gets to enjoy every day. He believes in doing things the right way, not the quick way, and runs his job sites effectively and efficiently. When Jeff is in the thick of construction with his clients, he reminds them that there will always be ups and downs, but OHi will do everything we can to keep things as steady as possible. The reward is always worth the inconvenience of a few weeks of construction!

    Outside the office, Jeff has a wide range of hobbies including waterskiing and driving (or wanting to drive) fast cars.


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